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ASHRAE Region XI Chapters Regional Conference 2012 Report

posted May 15, 2012, 4:41 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon   [ updated May 16, 2012, 8:21 AM ]
6 members of the Saskatoon Chapter attended the ASHRAE Region XI CRC in Winnipeg last weekend:
  • Chris Watt - Delegate
  • Mike Nemeth - Alternate
  • Ryan MacGillivray - Incoming Regional Vice Chair (RVC) Research Promotion
  • Greg Scrivener - Student Activities
  • Kirk Nagus - Membership Promotion
  • Bill Dean - Outgoing Regional Historian
The event started with a golf tournament on Wednesday, May 9.

The technical sessions took place on Thursday, slides will be available shortly:
  1. Tim Orris gave a presentation on Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA).
  2. Tom Meyer gave an indepth look at the need for water efficiency and the potential for grey water use.
  3. Sam Frenette gave a talk on chilled beams, with some new ideas along with reviewing the basics
Friday and Saturday were the days for training workshops and business meetings. Members of our chapter sat in on membership promotion, CTTC, chapter operations, advocacy, history student activities and research promotion workshops.

We presented 3 motions during the business sessions:
  1. Giving members the opportunity to opt out of the hard copy journal and receive only the electronic version.
    1. This was passed at the regional level and will be put forward at the society meeting this summer.
  2. Giving members the opportunity to opt for the online handbook over the hardcopy handbook.
    1. This was passed at the regional level and will be put forward at the society meeting this summer.
  3. Having ASHRAE Advocacy engage in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada for more effective energy code advococay.
    1. Over the course of the conference we learned that this was already being done. ASHRAE Advocacy appreciated the support in this. The motion was defeated since it was not required.
Other motions of note:
  1. To allow websites and blogs to qualify for the newsletter award (put forward by Northern Alberta Chapter). This passed and may mean that our website may be up for some awards in the future!
Manitoba Chapter hosted an excellent event. We all enjoyed networking and getting to know ASHRAE members across Region XI (Oregon, Washington, BC, Alaska, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). Next year's CRC is Vancouver.