Jonathan Bushman

posted Jan 2, 2012, 2:55 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Research

Hello ASHRAE Saskatoon!

I would like to thank those who have contributed to ASHRAE research so far in this 2011-2012 year.

Peak Mechanical
Key West Engineering Ltd

Blake Erb
Chris Watt
Dennis Zbaraschuk
Jeff Frie
Jonathan Bushman
Mike Nemeth

So far, $1,590 has been raised for ASHRAE research.  Our goal is $9,500, so we are about 16.7% of the way there.

Our chapter has made earned the Full Circle award, given for leadership in donating to ASHRAE Research.  Our President (Jeff), VP (Chris), Treasurer (Blake), Secretary (Mike), and RP Chair (Jonathan) have all given to ASHRAE research.  I invite you to join us.

Why give to ASHRAE research?  Here are a few ideas in random order:
* It makes you and your company look good.
* You are helping make existing technologies more efficent and save energy.
* ASHRAE Research helps us know the science of heating, ventilation, A/C, and refrigeration better.
* You are helping discover new technologies.
* The University of Saskatchewan has been getting a number of grants, etc. from ASHRAE, so your donation helps Saskatoon.
* ASHRAE is devoted to sustainability, so the research may help save the planet.

If you want to know more about ASHRAE Research, then please contact me.  I plan to also have some pamphlets on ASHRAE Research out at the next meeting.  Remember that research money raised in Canada stays in Canada.

Jonathan Bushman
2011-2012 ASHRAE Saskatoon Research Promotion Chair