Jonathan Bushman

posted Sep 7, 2011, 4:43 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Research

Hello ASHRAE Saskatoon,

As your new Research Promotion Chair, I would like to welcome you back for another year.  Unfortunately, my work will be taking me away from several meetings, so I will likely miss you at the first meeting.  I will still be checking my email.  Ryan MacGillivray was RP Chair two years ago and has graciously agreed to help out with answering RP questions while I am away.  Thank you Ryan.

Some of you may not know what ASHRAE Research Promotion (or RP) does.  RP simply raises money for Heating, Venting, Air-Conditoning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) research, some of which directly benefits Saskatoon.  All the money raised for ASHRAE research in Canada stays in Canada and University of Saskatchewan research projects have won a fair share of the research funding.  I think two years ago, Saskatoon raised a little over $11,000 for ASHRAE research and U of S student Mohammad Rasouli won a $10,000 grant-in-aid.  I think Blake Erb (our current CTTC Chair) won a fair bit of ASHRAE research money a few years before that.  The Saskatoon chapter's assigned goal for RP this year is $9,500, but I think we can raise more than that.  I encourage you to donate to ASHRAE research and further the HVAC&R community’s knowledge.  I intend to post the names of those who have contributed to ASHRAE research in our newsletters, so if you want to get your name or company’s name in the newsletter as an ASHRAE RP donor,  then please give to ASHRAE Research Canada.  Thanks.

Jonathan Bushman
2011-12 ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter Research Promotion Chair