2015-2016 Research Promotion Campaign

posted Sep 28, 2015, 5:58 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Research   [ updated Nov 30, 2015, 9:39 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon ]

The 2015-2016 Research Promotion phone campaign is under way. You can expect a call for our campaign team to thank-you for your previous and continuing support of ASHRAE Research. Please continue with your generous donations.In past years Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan have been recipients of many of those research dollars. Remember, all money raised in Canada, stays in Canada.

Thank-you on behalf of the local Saskatoon ASHRAE Chapter and ASHRAE Research,

As this year’s Research Promotion chair I’d like to invite you to our Donor Appreciation Night on October 13 at the Park Town Hotel starting at 5:30. The speaker for the evening will be Glen Greer from Nortec Humidity on the importance and application of humidifying, as well as the benefits of humidifying with evaporative media.

Last year, throughout ASHRAE, the campaign raised $2,536,195, the first time over $2.5million.

$9,118.66 was raised in Saskatoon alone.

ASHRAE Research Promotion donations go toward many ASHRAE programs:


ASHRAE maintains 123 standards and guidelines that establish recommended design and operation practice.


ASHRAE’s research program, established in 1912, supports 85 research projects with a combined value of more than $10 million. Research focus includes energy and resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, design and operation and management tools, alternative technologies and materials and equipment. Through scholarships, grants and awards, the Society supports engineering education for undergraduate students and research projects for graduate engineering students and new post-doctoral scholars.

Active Research Project Abstracts (9/2015)

Active or Recently Completed "Research Projects and Grants by Region Reports (11/2014)

Recently Completed Research Projects (06/2015)
Interested in the final reports of projects you invested in? See the Final Research Reports!

For additional information on ASHRAE's Research Program, Projects ready to bid, or how ASHRAE Research fits into the overall Strategic Plan. 
Please see ASHRAE Research


ASHRAE produces hundreds of publications, including the ASHRAE Handbook, books on specialized topics within the field, and various CDs and DVDs. The Society also publishes the peer-reviewed monthly ASHRAE Journal, quarterly High Performing Buildings and bimonthly HVAC&R Research, the most prestigious reporting of archival research in the fields of environmental control for the built environment.

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Strategic Plan (2010 – 2018) – Active Research Projects

Advanced Energy Design Guides   Free downloadable guides promoting energy efficiency.  
Available Guides include:  Hospitals, Retail Buildings, Schools, Highway Lodging, & Warehouses.

Michael Nemeth
2015-2016 ASHRAE Saskatoon RP Chair
306 292 6356

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