November update

posted Nov 4, 2016, 1:11 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Membership

Our November meeting will be Membership Promotion meeting – feel free to invite your colleagues to join us to show the benefits of ASHRAE. Cost is only $10 for non-members!

Attendees at our October meeting were:  Alex Repski, Nathan Hassell, Stefan Belev, Milai Radu, Rod Fehr,  Marty Waker (Speaker), Ian Slinger, Mattew Wingerak, Ryan MacGillivray, Jesse Friggstad, Jonathan Bushman, Christine Rogers, Matt Rohachuk, Pierre-André Ranger, Reg Hofmann, Chris Kehrig, Michael Boyko and Brent Wolfater.  Thank you all for attending.


I would like to welcome the new members of ASHRAEE Saskatoon, since January:  Joshua Stromberg (Associated Engineering), Evan Ericson (Stantec), Ahmed Abdel Salam (graduate student, U of S), Gabriel Benoit (Johnson Controls Canada), Ray Tabalbag (Shell Global Solutions), Peter Taylor (Agrium), Alex Repski (Strong Refrigeration Consultants Inc.), Davood Moghaddam (Nortek Air Solutions), Nathan Hassell (Engineered Air), and David Sorenson (Associated Engineering).  If you know these members, please invite them to come out to our meetings, and introduce them to everyone else.  If you meet them, make them feel welcome at our meetings.


We also have a few people who are delinquent in paying their membership.  I will be contacting these members to give a friendly reminder to renew.  If you have received a membership renewal notice in the last few months, please check if you have paid.  If you are planning on not renewing, please let me know the reason.


One of the key benefits of ASHRAE is the networking opportunities and chance to meet other people in the field of building systems and energy efficiency.  Although the meetings are a great time to meet people of our industry, you may forget where everyone is from.  Therefore, I am planning on publishing a roster again this year.  Please check on the ASHRAE website to ensure your contact information is up-to-date.


The role of Membership Promotion is to ensure you are getting your money’s worth of your membership in ASHRAE.  ASHRAE is here because of you, and we are here for you.  If there is anything with which you would like some help, or member benefits you would like to see, please let me know.


Thank you, and I hope to see you at the meeting.


Ryan MacGillivray

ASHRAE Saskatoon

Membership Promotion Chair.