November 2017 Update

posted Nov 8, 2017, 12:49 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Membership   [ updated Nov 8, 2017, 12:56 PM ]
2017-18 Membership Promotion Chair - Ryan MacGillivray, P. Eng., Member ASHRAE

I would like to acknowledge the people who attended our October meeting with was a presentation on Cold Climate Design, by ASHRAE Director-At-Large Erich Binder.  Attendance included:
Odhner Ong (Arrow Engineering), Alex Repski (Strong Refrigeration), Ian Slinger (Axiom Industries), Matthew Wingerak (Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd.), Chris Kehrig (NuTrend Industries), Christine Rogers (Cypress Sales), Jonathan Bushman (Valerin Technologies), Bill Dean (NRC), Ryan MacGillivray (Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd.), Kelly Winder (Integrated Designs Inc.), Dean Buchholz (City of Saskatoon), Arron Andrusiak (HVAC Sales), Ahmed Abdel-Salam (Nortek Air Solutions), Stefan Belev (HVAC Sales), Jordan Hittel (Spirax Sarco), Matt Rohachuk (NuTrend Industries).

Our November meeting will be Membership Promotion Night, with a Past ASHRAE Society president speaking on Sustainability.  Cost for non-members for the technical presentation and supper is only $10 - please invite a colleague to come out for the evening.

The ASHRAE Roster will be ready for pick-up at the November meeting.  Thanks go to Air-Tech Management, Cypress Sales Partnership, Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd., and Engineered Air for supporting the roster this year.

Society is offering 1 complimentary 2018 Winter Conference registration and a 5 night hotel stay to 1 new Member or Associate who joins by November 23rd.  Please spread the word, and encourage  your colleagues to join.  Details are available at .

I would like to welcome the following people who have joined ASHRAE since January:
  • Matt Dunlap - EH Price
  • Ryan Johnson - MacPherson Engineering
  • Jason Lopinski - ENGCOMP
  • Jeremy Gaudet - Stantec
  • Curtis Warren - Johnson Controls
  • Scott Fraser - Johnson Controls
  • Hui Quig Guo - University of Saskatchewan
  • Conor Kerslake - Trane
  • Jordan Hittel - Spirax Sarco

If you know these new members, please invite them to come out to our meetings, and introduce them to everyone else.  If you meet them, please make them feel welcome at our meetings.

We have a lot of Associate members who can be upgraded to Member.  If you are a P. Eng., or have 12 years of HVAC experience, you likely qualify for the member upgrade.  Please update your on-line bio with all of your education, professional designations, and work experience.  I will be contacting members who are eligible soon, or contact me if you think you qualify or need help.

Please let me know of additional benefits you may be looking for from ASHRAE or ASHRAE Saskatoon.  We are here to serve you, the member.  Thanks and I hope to see you soon.

Ryan MacGillivray, P. Eng. Member ASHRAE
Membership Promotion Chair