January 2018 update

posted Jan 9, 2018, 1:21 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Membership

2017-18 Membership Promotion Chair - Ryan MacGillivray, P. Eng., Member ASHRAE


Happy New Year!  Our next meeting is tonight, January 9th, 2018. Hope you can come!


Our December meeting was our Past-President’s night, which was social time at TimberJaxe Throwing Sports.  The following people were there:  Matt Wingerak (Daniels Wingerak Enginereing Ltd), Devan Kincart (Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd.), Merv Buhl, Jordan Hittel (Spirax Sarco), Christine Rogers (Cypress Sales), Scott Coulson (BPL Sales), Trevor Bemis (Victaulic), Corey Dandurand (Victaulic), Steve Adams (Victaulic), Ryan MacGillivray (Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd.), Chris Kehrig (Nu-Trend Industries), Jayden Roharchuk (Nu-Trend Industries), Blake Erb (HVAC Sales), Jonathan Bushman (Valerin Technologies), Bill Dean (NRC), Reg Hofmann (Air-Tech Management), Odhner Ong (Arrow Engineering).


I would also like to thank the people who attended our November, which had a past ASHRAE Society president Terry Townsend, from Tennessee, speaking on The ASHRAE Promise: A Sustainable Future, and the Regional Vice Chair for Membership Promotion, Greg Fluter, from Regina.  In addition, we had a great local turn-out, including: Matthew Wingerak (Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd.), Md Shamim Ahamed (U of S), Obi Ugo-Okeke (U of S), Stefan Belev (HVAC Sales), Geraldine Sadia (City of Saskatoon / U of S), Dylan Markwart (Sask Polytech), Scott Fraser (JCI), Spencer Ollenberger (Vortec Mechanical Sales), Gabriel Benoit (JCI), Bradley Gifford (AECOM), Evan Corrigal (AECOM), Jesse Kostyniuk (AECOM), Brent Wolfater (AECOM), Matt Rohachuk (NuTrend Industries), Nolan Nernberg (Sask Polytech), Odhner Ong (Arrow Engineering), Blaine Knoblauch (City of Saskatoon), Jeremy Gaudet (Stantec), Ted Gaudet (Stantec), Dean Buchholz (City of Saskatoon), Reg Hofman (Air-Tech Management), Jonathan Bushman (Valerin Technologies), Pooya Narid (U of S), Scott Coulson (BPL Sales), Jordan Hittel (Spirax Sarco), George Tannous (Jump.ca), Kelly Winder (Integrated Designs Inc.), Ahmed Abdel-Salam (Nortek Air Solutions), Ian Slinger (Axiom Industries), Bob Cowan (Key West Engineering), Ryan MacGillivray (Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd.), Brennan Savoie (Vortec Mechanical Sales), Bill Dean (NRC), Arron Andrusiak (HVAC Sales).


Copies of the ASHRAE Saskatoon are still available for pick-up at our meeting.  Thanks go to Air-Tech Management, Cypress Sales Partnership, Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd., and Engineered Air for supporting the roster this year.


I would like to offer congratulations to the following people who have been upgraded to ASHRAE Member:  Rod Fehr (Engineered Air), Kevin Thurston (Thurston Engineering Services), Kelly Winder (Integrated Designs), Jonathan Bushman (Valerin Technologies), Colin Hilderman (HVAC Sales), Micheal Nemeth (Bright Buildings), Odhner Ong (Arrow Engineering), Melanie Fauchaoux (U of S), Brent Wolfater (AECOM), and Jesse Friggstad (Key West Engineering).  To qualify for the grade of Member, you need the equivalent of 12 years of ASHRAE related experience, including schooling and jobs.  If you think you qualify, let me know and we can look into it. 


I would like to welcome the following people who have joined ASHRAE since January:
    Matt Dunlap - EH Price
    Ryan Johnson - MacPherson Engineering
    Jason Lopinski - ENGCOMP
    Jeremy Gaudet - Stantec
    Curtis Warren - Johnson Controls
    Scott Fraser - Johnson Controls
    Hui Quig Guo - University of Saskatchewan
    Conor Kerslake - Trane
    Jordan Hittel - Spirax Sarc

If you know these new members, please invite them to come out to our meetings, and introduce them to everyone else.  If you meet them, please make them feel welcome at our meetings.

Please let me know of additional benefits you may be looking for from ASHRAE or ASHRAE Saskatoon.  We are here to serve you, the member.  Thanks and I hope to see you soon.

Ryan MacGillivray, P. Eng. Member ASHRAE

Membership Promotion Chair