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Jonathan Bushman

posted Sep 1, 2015, 12:44 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon History
Hello ASHRAE Saskatoon,

We are starting off our 2015-2016 ASHRAE year and the Saskatoon chapter will be celebrating 50 years.  We started out in 1966 and we are hosting our Chapters Regional Conference (or CRC) because of this.  ASHRAE people from B.C. to Manitoba and from Alaska to Oregon will be joining us here in Saskatoon for our fiftieth anniversary.

If you are curious about the start of our Saskatoon chapter, then please check out the scan of our history binder here: http://www.ashraesaskatoon.ca/history/ashraesaskatoonhistorybinder-1.  The binder goes from our very beginning to the late 1980s.

If you have any ASHRAE Saskatoon history questions (or stories to share), then please let me know.

- Jonathan Bushman
ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter History Chair