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Jonathan Bushman

posted Mar 31, 2017, 10:23 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon History

Hello ASHRAE Saskatoon,

For April 2017, ASHRAE Saskatoon has a tour of Axiom Industries.  Tours have not been uncommon in the chapters history.  For example, some of the tours mentioned in our early history were touring the Queen Elizabeth Power Station in November 1972 and touring Saskatoon Boiler Manufacturing in October 1975.  Since this month's tour is of a place that makes hydronic equipment, I mention that this is not the first time that ASHRAE Saskatoon has looked at hydronics.  For example, our May 28 and 29, 2015, CTTC (Chapter Technology Transfer Committee) course was on hydronics.  Jerry Boulanger (1979-80 ASHRAE Saskatoon chapter president) taught this 2015 hydronics course.

Last month (March 2017)'s history post spoke about John Daniel's life and impact on Saskatoon's HVAC industry.  If you would like to go back and read more of that history post, then it should be posted in the ASHRAE Saskatoon website's newsleter history column section (http://www.ashraesaskatoon.ca/newsletter/john-ross-curling).  (There was a time that our chapter's history announcement were rather focused on golf and the John Ross Curling tournament, hence that webpage for history.)

If you have any ASHRAE history related questions or stories, then please let me know.

Jonathan Bushman
ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter
2016-2017 History Chair