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Jonathan Bushman

posted Nov 5, 2013, 11:29 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon History
History is in progress.  This can refer to both how I am continuing to track down the missing facts for the ASHRAE Saskatoon History Annual Summaries and how the flow of time keeps moving on.  I do not have much to report yet, but the ASHRAE Presidential Plaque is now updated with three more past presidents: me, Jeff Frie, and Chris Watt.  I plan to pass the plaque along during our Past President's Night in December.
Stories!  If anyone has stories from ASHRAE, events that stood out as important, information from our past CRC (Chapters Regional Conference), or the like, then please let me know.  We are starting to plan the next CRC in Saskatoon and I am looking forward to it already.  For those that do not know, our ASHRAE region includes chapters from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.  We get to host the CRC in 2016 in Saskatoon.  It can be fun and I would like our CRC to excel and stand out among the CRC's of other years.