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ASHRAE Saskatoon History

posted Oct 6, 2014, 8:44 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon History
Hello everyone,

Ryan MacGillivray found the binder of the ASHRAE Saskatoon chapter's history from our beginnings in 1966 to around 1988.  I am in the process of scanning and updating this binder (and getting it uploaded to our website), but I want to tell you a little about some of the things that I found noteworthy.

In our very first year, the annual fee was $25, Regina won the John Ross Curling tournment (I was hoping that we would have won in our first year), our November 22, 1966, meeting was on the topic of colour T.V. coming soon (with a speaker from CFQC TV), and our chapter had 32 members.  I note that Star Trek started in September of 1966, so I am guessing that colour television had not yet hit Saskatoon yet.  (My Mom said she remembered watching Star Trek in black and white.)  The Saskatoon chapter of ASHRAE will be turning 50 years old in the same year that Star Trek turns 50.  Fascinating.

Tonight's October 2014 meeting is a panel discussion.  On October 17, 1967, the ASHRAE Saskatoon chapter had a panel discussion on base bid versus open bid.  Ray Graves, John Daniels, Fred Welling, and Mel Jones were on the panel.  No complete conclusion was reached.

Tonight is also ASHRAE RP (Research Promotion) Donor Recognition Night.  In our 1967-1968 year, George Green was awarded $5,000 by ASHRAE Research to study heat loss through windows under combined pressure and temperature differences, with a testing appartatus being built at the University of Saskatchewan.  I went to the Bank of Canada website and used their inflation calculator to get a rough idea of how much that would be in today's money.  It looks like an equivalent amount today would be a little over $34,000.  That is a significant investment into HVAC research right here in Saskatoon.

I would like to thank Wendell Dent and Jack Scott for the work they put into making the ASHRAE Saskatoon history binder.  If you have any questions about ASHRAE Saskatoon history or if you have a good story about the chapter to tell, then please come talk to me at the next meeting.

Jonathan Bushman
2014-15 ASHRAE Saskatoon History Chair