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Saskatoon Boiler Mfg. Co. Ltd.

posted Oct 31, 2011, 1:53 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon

2011 Quebec Avenue, Saskatoon, SK Canada S7K 1W5
Telephone  (306)-652-7022          
Fax (306)-652-7870
E-mail:  ca@saskatoonboiler.com


The firm was established in 1914, under the name of SASKATOON WELDING COMPANY, and operated as a welding repair and machine shop until the early 1940’s, when manufacturing started to play a role in its operations.  The firm was widely known as being very progressive for its time.  It obtained the second electric welder brought into Saskatchewan, the first portable electric welder in the province, and was the first to include a machine shop in its welding operations.  This progressive philosophy has been maintained in its present day operations, keeping the development of its products up to date with the times.  No competitor can offer anything in the Company’s market, that the Company cannot do just as well.

The Company has a history of steady growth and expansions are kept within the firm’s financial and managerial capabilities, always maintaining a solid financial base.  The Company presently employs approximately 50 people, illustrating its growth over the years.  The company was incorporated in 1956 to reflect its endeavors.

The Company occupies a unique position in its market place as the firm’s products, especially boilers, command a premium price due to their reputation built up over the years for quality and service.  The Company takes advantage of being a “small firm”.  Decisions can be made quickly and customer service and attention can be on a higher level than is possible from a “giant” in the industry.

The Company has successfully melded re-sale items with its manufactured products.  Customers who do not have an immediate need for the Company’s manufactured product, are able to purchase re-sale items from the Company – thus allowing the Company to establish a reputation with these customers.  When the Customer requires the Company’s manufactured product, a comfortable relationship has already been established.  The Company handles all its own sales within Saskatchewan and Alberta, and has distributors and service depots located in all major cities in Canada.

SASKATOON BOILER MFG. CO. LTD. is a locally owned, 100% Canadian company.  There are 8 shareholders in the firm, each managing their respective departments.  The firm has been largely a family firm and still carries this flavour to a certain degree.  It is one of the few remaining small independent manufacturers offering a proprietary and complicated piece of equipment under its own brand name “SASKATOON” Boilers.

“SASKATOON” Boilers are readily accepted in a wide variety of installations, ranging from oil and gas plants, manufacturing firms, hospitals and schools.  The firm’s boilers have an excellent reputation for reliability – a reputation the Company backs up with excellent service and attention.

Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd.

posted Oct 3, 2011, 12:19 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon

Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd. (with its predecessor firm, Daniels Engineering Ltd.) has been serving the building mechanical industry in Saskatoon since 1980.  John Daniels and David Colquhoun formed Daniels Engineering in 1980.  Darren Wingerak and Bob Daniels joined the Firm in 1982 and 1987 respectively.  In 1997 Darren and Bob became majority shareholders and the firm name was changed to Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd.  The Firm now has sixteen employees, and is the largest locally owned building mechanical consulting firm in Saskatchewan, working in the fields of heating, ventilation, plumbing, fire protection systems, controls, and building automation systems.  Recent achievements include the Premier’s Design Award of Merit and CES Brian Eckel Award of Excellence for the design of the Cameco Office Building. The design for the Cameco Office building also won the ASHRAE Region XI design award for best commercial building, and the Ralph Robson Plaque best overall design. The design for the Shaw Centre (the new City of Saskatoon leisure centre that adjoins two high schools) has won the ASHRAE Region XI design award for best institutional building as well as a CES Brian Eckel Award of Excellence. 

Daniels-Wingerak Engineering Ltd. has been very involved with the Saskatoon chapter of ASHRAE.  DWEL currently employs five past-presidents of ASHRAE Saskatoon: Darren Wingerak (1994-95), Bob Daniels (1999-2000, 2002-03), Kirk Campbell (2006-07), Ryan MacGillivray (2008-09), and Chris Conley (2009-10).  In addition, other employees have served on the Board of Governors, and the Daniels-Wingerak Engineering office has hosted many of the ASHRAE Saskatoon board meetings.  Daniels-Wingerak Engineering is a vital part of ASHRAE and HVAC industry in Saskatoon.  For a complete listing of projects, employment opportunities, or design philosophy, please give us a call, or visit our website, www.dwel.com.


posted Sep 6, 2011, 1:24 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon

Victaulic invented the grooved pipe joining method more than 85 years ago as an alternative to welding, flanging or threading of pipes.  Victaulic has been in Saskatchewan for over 40 years providing innovative and reliable pipe joining solutions.  Victaulic products - couplings, valves, fittings - are widely used on HVAC and plumbing applications, including hot and chilled water distribution, potable water, equipment connections on pumps, water softeners, filters, and drain, waste and vent piping.   

Use of Victaulic products contribute to sustainable, efficient and environmentally-friendly HVAC and mechanical systems.  Victaulic products are made of 90 per cent recycled steel using lean, responsible manufacturing processes.  Compared to other piping methods, Victaulic mechanical grooved piping systems reduce waste, emissions and noise pollution on the jobsite, providing a safer and healthier work environment.  Grooved couplings, valves and fittings also provide easy and quick access to piping systems essential to the energy efficiency of a building. 

With global offices and manufacturing, Victaulic works closely with owners, system engineers, and contractors to support the design and installation of mechanical piping systems that lower costs, improve productivity, compress construction schedules, reduce risk, and allow for future system expansion. For more information, please visit www.victaulic.com.

March Consulting

posted Apr 5, 2011, 4:06 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon

March Consulting Associates Inc. is a multi-disciplined engineering, project and construction management provider to Canadian industry with an emphasis on the mining sector. Based in Saskatoon, March celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2009. Though active in Saskatchewan for just over a decade, March has a history in the province dating back to the 1940s.  Kilborn Engineering started working on Saskatchewan projects in the late 1940s and opened a Saskatoon office in 1976.  SNC-Lavalin bought out Kilborn Engineering in 1997 and closed the Saskatoon office in 1999.  Though offered jobs in other SNC-Lavalin offices throughout Canada, a small group decided to stay and form March Consulting Associates Inc. Since then, March Consulting has grown and now employs over 100 Saskatchewan-based engineering, technical and administrative personnel with a wide range of global and local expertise. 

March Consulting’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning) group has worked on many HVAC projects and has been involved with ASHRAE Saskatoon.  Experience includes HVAC for uranium mine buildings, lab HVAC, office HVAC, dust collection systems, waste heat reclaiming, and complete design of process buildings that required precise temperature control.  Employees Dr. Krishna Sareen and Travis Braid are past-presidents of ASHRAE Saskatoon and other March employees having recently served on the board.  March Consulting is pleased to provide HVAC&R expertise to Saskatoon’s industrial and mining sectors.  For more information, see www.marchconsulting.com.

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