March 2015

posted Mar 2, 2015, 8:49 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Vice President   [ updated Mar 2, 2015, 8:51 AM ]
Hi everyone,

For this month’s general meeting, we are pleased to welcome Philip Lepoudre.

Philip Lepoudre, P.Eng, Ph.D, has a vast knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, thermodynamics and energy transfer. Philip obtained his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan , and his Ph.D from the Florida State University.  He is currently project lead in the research and development department of Venmar CES in Saskatoon.  Venmar CES is a manufacturer of mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation products, specializing in energy conservation and recovery. Philip is also teaching the Mechanical Engineering 491 Thermal System Design course at the University of Saskatchewan.

He will be presenting on his research into the "Liquid to Air Membrane Energy Exchanger" (LAMEE).  An energy exchanging technology that allows heat and moisture transfer between air and a salt solution that flows through a semipermeable membrane.  The presentation will include comparisons between theoretical simulations and data collected in a small scale test facility.

The presentation will take place March 10 at 5:30pm in the south dining room (main floor) of the Parktown Hotel.  Hope to see you then!

Jesse Friggstad