Jonathan Bushman

posted Oct 6, 2010, 1:53 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon   [ updated Oct 6, 2010, 2:58 PM ]
ASHRAE’s October meeting will be on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, at 5:30 pm, at the Park Town Hotel.  Please RSVP to Jonathan Bushman ( or 651-6372) by noon on Friday, October 8.  We need replies by then so the Park Town can provide enough food.  (I do not plan to check my email on Thanksgiving Monday).  If you have any dietary restrictions, then please let me (Jonathan) know.

Our October meeting is Membership Promotion / Student Night, so welcome to all students and non-members.  During Membership Promotion / Student Night, non-members pay only $10 and students pay only $5 for the supper meeting.

Tom Watson, ASHRAE Fellow and Treasurer, will be speaking to us at the October meeting.  Tom will probably be speaking on the new ASHRAE green building standard (189.1) and some discussion of ASHRAE at the national level.  November is yet TBA and December is our Past President’s Social Night.  ASHRAE President, Lynn Bellenger, will be coming to Saskatoon in January 2011.

October Speaker's Bio:

The following is a summary of Tom Watson's professional experience:

• Joined McQuay’s Staunton Facility in 1972 after serving in the US Army.

• 1972-1974 - Product Engineer - Responsible for both reciprocating and centrifugal chillers.  Worked on pressure vessel codes, electrical controls, and refrigerant controls 

• 1974-1980 - Senior Design Engineer - Worked on Research and Development of Centrifugal Compressors.  The compressor work included rotor dynamics, lubrication, bearing design, and compressor aerodynamics.  Also worked on development of solid state controls and later microprocessor controls for centrifugal units.

• 1980-1982 - Manager of Product Engineering - Managed Design Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers for chillers.

• 1984-1996  - Engineering Manager - Responsible for all Engineering and Laboratory functions in the Staunton facility.

• 1997 - Present  - Chief Engineer – Primarily involve in Advance Technology and Reliability Engineering

Current Member and Former Chair of ASHRAE SSPC -15 Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration 11/90- Present 
Former Member of ASHRAE SPC - 34 Number Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants. 
Previous Chair of ASHRAE Standards Committee- 07/02 – 07/03
Member of ASHRAE Standards Committee.   1996 - 2003
Former Chair and member of ASHRAE TC3.1 Refrigerants and Secondary Coolants. 1999-2001
Member of TC 8.2 – Centrifugal Machines, 1972 – Present
Member of TC 1.11 – Electric Motors and Motor Control, Present
Former Chair of ASHRAE Standard Advisory Committee
Former Member & Past Chair of ARI 550/590 Engineering Committee for Liquid Chillers.  1975 – Present
Member of ASHRAE Journal & Insights Committee 7/03 – 6/04
Member of ISO WG-9- Liquid-Chilling Packages Using the Vapour Compression Cycle – Testing and Performance 1999 to Present
Recently Chair of ASHRAE Technology Council
Society Treasurer & Chair of ASHRAE Finance Committee
Recently Chair of AHRI Research & Technology Committee
ASHRAE Board of Directors,  Member – Treasurer

• Holder of five patents.

• Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Virginia

Received the R.C. Schulze Distinguished Service Award for 2000 from ARI
Received ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award –2002
Received ASHRAE Standards Achievement Award – 2004
Received ASHRAE Exceptional Service Award - 2010