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posted Feb 5, 2013, 7:40 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon
This months guest speaker and topic are detailed below. We would like to welcome Alan Niles and look forward to his presentation! Hope to see everyone there!

Design and Economics of Commercial Ground Loop Heat Pump Systems

This discussion concentrates on the economic impact of project specific variables as well as decisions made (or sometimes, not made) by the design engineer and how defining these details can greatly reduce the first cost of a Ground Loop Heat Pump (GLHP) system.  This presentation begins with a quick overview of the components of the GLHP System, and the basic design and installation of the ground loop.  Commercial Ground Loop Design Software is reviewed and then utilized to illustrate the economic impact of project specific variables.  This discussion concludes with hybrid system design and the opportunities that hybrid systems offer in additional first cost reductions with minimum impact to the operating cost of the GLHP system.

Who is Alan Niles?

Western Region Commercial Sales Manager, 
WaterFurnace International,Gig Harbor, WA
Alan Niles, Western Region Commercial Sales Manager for WaterFurnace International, is a mechanical engineer with over 24 years of experience working with manufacturers of commercial water source heat pumps (WSHPs) and ground loop heat pumps (GLHPs) concentrating on commercial tower/boiler system design and commercial geo-exchange system design.   Since 2009, he has been at WaterFurnace International, a manufacturer of commercial and residential Water Loop and Ground Loop Heat Pumps.  For 11 years, Alan had been a Regional Commercial Sales Manager at FHP Manufacturing, also a manufacturer of WSHPs and GLHPs.  And for 10 years prior, he had been an Applications Engineer and later a Commercial Sales Engineer at Climate Master, also a manufacturer of WSHPs and GLHPs.  
Alan Niles earned his BSME at the University of Oklahoma in 1987.  He took course work in commercial GLHP system design from the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and received IGSHPA certification for commercial ground loop design in 1989.  In 1993, he received IGSHPA certification for the installation of ground loop system components.
Throughout his career, Alan Niles has been promoting energy efficient HVAC technology through presentations to local ASHRAE chapters, regional and national trade shows, and by providing technical assistance to architects and engineers in their design of high efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Blake Erb,
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