President's Write-up for November 2010

posted Nov 1, 2010, 4:50 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon President

Hello everyone,

Has anyone heard of something called BIM?  Building Information Modeling or BIM has been in the ASHRAE news quite a bit lately.  ASHRAE President Lynn Bellenger has chosen “Modeling a Sustainable World” as her presidential theme for the year.  In her presidential address in the August 2010 ASHRAE Journal, Lynn talks about virtual models, integrated design, tracking energy use, and how ASHRAE standards relate.  I see this world of Building Information Modeling as being something cool.  I am not very familiar with the precise definition of BIM, but I have used a virtual model to check for interference between fans, structures, and piping.  Another time, one of my company’s CADD specialists had some images up on his wall created from the virtual model of one mine site’s permanent camp.  After the permanent camp was built, I got a chance to go to the site.  The level of realistic detail in the model amazed me.  It seemed like the only thing left out of the model was the pile of shoes by the main door.  As I understand it, depending on the software, you can have information on specific pumps, model the system as a whole with interactions between equipment, track energy use, and maybe have maintenance warnings that bring up part ordering information.  I am looking forward to November’s meeting on BIM.  You are all welcome to join us.

Voting is important.  We are voting for a new Vice President, President Elect, and Programs Chair at the November meeting.  Just to clarify, we will be electing one person to have all three of these titles.  The Programs Chair job is a large amount of work, but we have done some of the programs planning work already.  Our Past President’s social is coming up in December, ASHRAE President Lynn Bellenger is coming in January, and we are arranging for a Distinguished Lecturer in February.  The ASHRAE Saskatoon Board of Governors would like nominees for the VP / Programs Chair position to have had at least some experience on the board.  You can nominate candidates at the November meeting before we vote.  If you cannot make it to the meeting, but you want to nominate someone, then please let me know and let me know the nominee, your name as nominator, and a seconder.

Students!  We have scholarships, both from ASHRAE Saskatoon and from the grand international-level ASHRAE.  For information on the local scholarships for the University of Saskatchewan and Kelsey SIAST, please contact Mike Nemeth, our Student Activities Chair (, another member of the ASHRAE Saskatoon board, or appropriate person at the U of S or Kelsey.  For information on the later, please check out

Jonathan Bushman

2010-2011 ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter President