March/April 2018

posted Mar 29, 2018, 8:52 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon President
Hello All,

Our next meeting will be April 10.  It will include a very interesting presentation on free cooling. Also, this meeting will include the election of the board for next year, so if there is anyone you'd like to nominate, please let the board know.  We are still looking for volunteers to fill chair positions for next year as well.  If you'd like to learn how to get more involved, feel free to contact myself or Arron Andrusiak.

We are also hosting a CTTC course on the Fundamentals of Air Systems on April 10th and 11th. If you would like to attend or are interested, please contact Ahmed Abdel-Salam.

Lastly, if our Research Promotion chair has not contacted you yet, please consider donating to ASHRAE Research Canada.  All of the money donated in Canada stays in Canada and is awarded as grants to Universities and labs to help do the reseach that make the ASHRAE guidelines and standards possible.  The University of Saskatchewan has received a significant amount of these grants in the past, so the money does come back to our community.  If you have questions about how to donate, feel free to contact Ian Slinger.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break!


Christine Rogers
ASHRAE Saskatoon President