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2011 02 08

posted Feb 14, 2011, 8:30 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon   [ updated Apr 14, 2011, 2:00 PM ]

ASHRAE Saskatoon - General Meeting Minutes

February 8th, 2011

I.      Call to order

-          Jonathan Bushman called to order the regular meeting of the ASHRAE Saskatoon General Meeting at 7:00 pm on February 8th, 2011 at the ParkTown Hotel.


II.      Introductions / Attendance

-          Those in attendance were:

o   Jeff Frie , Ryan MacGillivray, Bill Dean, Tim McGinn (Guest Speaker – Dialog), Greg Scrivener, Mohammad Rasouli, Jonathan Bushman, Kirk Backstrom, Sid Carlton, Chris Watt, Aden Ritter, Jack Scott, Reg Hofmann, Dennis Edwards, Stuart Middleton, Bob Cowan, Doug Freeman, Ray Graves, Christine Rogers, Jesse Friggstad, Michael Nemeth, Deanna Astill, Andrew Bennett, Malcolm Jamieson, Kelly Therrien, Geoff Gerbrandt.


III.      Reading of minutes from last meeting

-          Ryan MacGillivray read the January 10th, 2011 meeting minutes.

o   Motion to accept the meeting minutes as read. (Ray Graves / Chris Watt).

§  Passed unanimously.


IV.      Reports

Vice-President / Programs – Jeff Frie

-          February: ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Tim McGinn from Cohos Evamy

-          March 8th: Ronn LePage - VerEco Home Presentation and Tour ($2.00 Admission Fee)

-          April 12th: Dan O’Brian, National Sales Manager, Halton Canada, speaking on Kitchen Ventilation

-          Distinguished Lecturer evaluation forms are available on your table.  Please fill in for tonight’s presentation so ASHRAE can provide evaluation to the speakers.


Treasurer – Chris Watt

-          Account balances were reported.

-          Investments are doing better.

-          Please pay if you haven’t already.


Research Promotion – Jonathan Bushman (for Chris Conley)

-          All RP money raised in Canada, stays in Canada.  Last year, Saskatoon raised over $11,000, and in return, Mohammed Rasouli received a $10,000 graduate student Grant-In-Aid.

-          Chris will start the RP campaign soon.


Membership Promotion – Ryan MacGillivray

-          Tonight is Membership Promotion night.  Thanks to the non-ASHRAE members for attending.


Chapter Technology Transfer – Jonathan Bushman (for Blake Erb)

-          Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads course was offered inDecember, with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan (MCAS), at their Training Facility.  Course was well attended.  Another course may be planned for this year.


History – Jack Scott

-          John Ross curling bonspiel was schedule for Saturday, February 26th.  We had received confirmation from only three teams, including us, so not enough interest.  Therefore, the John Ross curling for this year will be cancelled.  We will need to revisit in the future to see if there will be on-going interest.

-          Golf tournament is planned for Friday, June 3rd, at the Willows, 11:30 tee-time.  The golf committee is looking for companies to be hole sponsors for $100.


Refrigeration – Jonathan Bushman (for Manfred Gerber)

-          No report.


Student Activites – Mike Nemeth

-          Tonight is Student Night.  Thanks to the students for attending.  Just a reminder that every ASHRAE meeting is only $5 for students for supper.

-          ASHRAE is an international society, offering technical presentations and networking oppurtunities.  If you would like more information, please talk to any member of the board.

-          Student interaction event:  Students were encouraged to interact with the ASHRAE members to determine what their ASHRAE related jobs, and fill in a questionnaire.  All questionnaires were put into a draw for a $20 gift certificate to Earls.  Winner selected by Tim McGinn was Geoff Gerbrandt.


Webpage / Newsletter – Mike Nemeth

-          Meeting reminder sent out as an Outlook meeting request – Any issues?


V.      Old business

-          None.


VI.      New business

-          ASHRAE Technology Awards:  We are looking for nominations for the Technology Awards.  Please bring forward any ideas of your work; even if you think it is normal for us, it still may be new and innovative.

-          Our Regional Vice-Chair (RVC) of CTTC would like local chapter competition, the winners would be submitted to the regional competition.

o   ASHRAE is an international society, with chapters all over the world.  It is a grass roots organization, and we are able to make suggestions.

o   The Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) for Region XI (Manitoba to BC, Alaska to Oregon) will be held in Saskatoon in 2016.

o   The Regional form for the Technology Awards is fairly short, available from Johnathan Bushman.

-          Looking for direction as to who should be the award judges.  Current Awards Committee is Jeff Frie, Jonathan Bushman, Jack Scott, and Blake Erb.  All are willing to be judges.

o   Motion:  To name Johnathan Bushman, Blake Erb, Jeff Frie, and Jack Scott as the judges for the Saskatoon local CTT Technology Award competition. (Ray Graves / Greg Scrivener)

§  Passed Unanimously.

-          Board Positions:  We will be looking for nominations to the ASHRAE Saskatoon board for the upcoming elections in April.  Jeff Frie is nominated as President, and Chris Watt is nominated as Vice-President / Programs.  Also looking for nominations for Treasurer and Sectary.  If you are interested in these positions, or any other position on the boards, please speak to a board member.

-          The CRC for this year is in Portland, Oregon.

-          Any interest in reviving the local curling bonspiel?  By show of hands, only a little.  May look into again for next year.

VII.      Adjournment

-          Motion: To adjourn (Mike Nemeeth / Jack Scott).  Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.

Minutes submitted by: Ryan MacGillivray