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2020 02 11

posted Mar 9, 2020, 7:22 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary

ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter 102

General Meeting Agenda

11 Feb, 2020


5:30     Cocktails

6:00     Dinner

7:00     General Meeting and Presentation to follow


1.       Call to order/ Introductions

a.      Call the general meeting to order.

b.      Introductions:

-          Name

-          Company

-          ASHRAE position  

            2.         The minutes from last meeting have been made available on our website for you                                   to review, any questions/corrections can be sent to Pooya Navid.


 3.       Reports

a.     Programs – Gabriel Benoit

                                                                                  i.     Today: Dr. Stephanie Taylor,  “Putting people first: managing the indoor environment for human health”.

                                                                                 ii.     March: Brewery Tour.

                                                                                iii.     May: Cannabis Design (Bruce).

b.      Treasurer – Jordan Hittel

                                                                                  i.     Please sign in and see Jordan to pay if you are not on a meal plan.

                                                                                 ii.     Account Balances:            $

Chequing:                         $ 3,992.34

T-Bills:                               $ 9,083.09

Investment:                       $ 2,392.17



c.      History – Odhner Ong

                                                                                  i.     Scanning the archive to ASHRAE google drive.

d.     Research Promotion  Arron Andrusiak

                                                                                  i.     Currently: $615.

e.     Membership Promotion  Spencer Ollenberger

                                                                                  i.     113 members.

f.       Student Activities – Devin Storle

                                                                                  i.     No report.

g.     CTTC  Devin Storle

                                                                                  i.     One day workshop in May – Cannabis Facility Design.

h.     Refrigeration – Alex Repski

                                                                                  i.     No report.

i.       Awards – Scott Coulson

                                                                                  i.     No report.

j.       Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA) – Jordan Hittel

                                                                                  i.     Go-Karting Event.

k.      GAC – Matt Rohachuk

                                                                                  i.     No report.

4.       Old business

a. Audits.  

5.       New business

a. CRC in April (Edmonton).


a.               No announcement.


a.         Motion to adjourn by Jordan, seconded by Chris. 

b.         Meeting adjourned at  6:50 pm.

ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary,
Mar 9, 2020, 7:22 PM