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2018 09 11

posted Oct 9, 2018, 2:45 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon President

1.       Call to order/ Introductions

a.      Call the general meeting to order.

b.      Introductions:

-          Name

-          Company

-          ASHRAE position  

            2.         The minutes from last meeting have been made available on our website for you                          to review, any questions/corrections can be sent to Evan Ericson.


 3.       Reports

a.    Programs – Matt Wingerak

                                                                                                   i.      October Meeting – Remai Art Gallery Tour

b.    Treasurer – Gabriel Benoit

                                                                  i.    Please sign in and see Matt to pay if you are not on a meal plan.

                                                                 ii.    Account Balances:            $

Chequing:                          $

T-Bills:                               $

c.    History – Odhner Ong

                                                                  i.     No report



d.    Research Promotion  Christine Rogers 

                                                                  i.     Last year we raised just under $8,000 not quite reaching the $12,350 goal

                                                                 ii.    Planning new fund raising event

e.    Membership Promotion  Blake Erb

                                                                  i.     No report

f.     Student Activities – Ahmed Abdel-Salam

                                                                  i.     No report

g.    CTTC  Stefan Belev

                                                                  i.     No report

h.    Refrigeration – Alex Repski

                                                                  i.     No report

i.      Awards – Rhys Williams

                                                                  i.     No report

j.      Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA)  - Jordan Hittel

                                                                  i.     Planning YEA event for this fall.

                                                                 ii.     Planning on meeting with Sask Polytech students with Ahmed.

k.    GGAC – Matt Rohachuk

                                                                  i.     No report

4.       Old business



5.       New business



a.            Please remember to sign the sign in sheet if you have not done so and pay Gabriel.


a.         Motion to adjourn by Christine Rogers, seconded by Jordan Hittel. 

b.         Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

ASHRAE Saskatoon President,
Oct 9, 2018, 2:45 PM