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2017 03 14

posted Apr 11, 2017, 2:18 PM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary

logo_ashraeASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter 102

General Meeting Agenda

14 March, 2017


5:30 - 6:00       Cocktails

6:00 - 7:00       Meeting / Meal

7:15                 Presentation


1.       Call to order/ Introductions

a.      Call the general meeting to order.

b.      Introductions:

-          Name

-          Company

-          ASHRAE position  

            2.         The minutes from last meeting have been made available on our website for you                          to review, any questions/corrections can be sent to Matthew Wingerak.


 3.       Reports

a.    Programs – Christine Rogers

                                                                  i.     Today: Greg Scrivener is speaking on refrigeration concepts as a distinguished lecturer. Need to fill out the form for society

                                                                 ii.    April 11: Tour with either the City or at AXIOM.

                                                                iii.    May: Dan from Krueger will be speaking on Air distribution

b.    Treasurer – Arron Andrusiak

                                                                  i.    Please sign in and see Arron if you are not on a meal plan.

                                                                 ii.    Account Balances:           

Chequing:                          $ 8,084.98

T-Bills:                               $ 8,826.70

Global Balance Fund:       $ 19,161.01


c.    History – Jonathan Bushman

                                                                  i.     ASHRAE golf tournament coming up at Moonlake

                                                                 ii.    February 17: John Daniels passed away. He was an ASHRAE life member. He lobbied to have an ASHRAE Saskatoon chapter and was the 3rd president for the Saskatoon chapter. John Daniels was a very big influence on the Saskatoon HVAC industry.

d.    Research Promotion  Jesse Friggstad 

                                                                  i.     Research promotion @ $3500.

                                                                 ii.    In order to donate, contact Jesse or Ian. You can also easily donate by using the ASHRAE website.

e.    Membership Promotion  Ryan MacGillivray

                                                                  i.     11 new members, 108 total members, 82 students.

f.     Student Activities – George Tannous Jr.

                                                                  i.     Planning a tour for Sask Polytech students. Looking at doing the tour at Harry Bailey.

g.    CTTC  Evan Ericson

                                                                  i.     1 day technical session around the end of April.

h.    Refrigeration - Greg Scrivener

                                                                  i.     No Report

i.      Awards – Jonathan Bushman

                                                                  i.     Ryan MacGillivray – trying to get him a chapter service award from ASHRAE at the next CRC.

                                                                 ii.    Anything new can be brough up at the next CRC.

j.      Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA)  - Bradie Preiss

                                                                  i.     No Report

k.    GGAC – Ryan MacGillivray

                                                                  i.     National: Ontario government, buildings greater than 50,000 ft2 must report their annual energy usage.

                                                                 ii.    NRCan announced BOMA Canada selected as proponent to lead the development and administration of the national high performance building challenge.

4.       Old business

a.Ian went to the Industry celebrating excellence. He had a great experience and encourages everybody to go for next time.

5.       New business

a. Nominate people for executive positions. Ian is outgoing president.

b. Christine nominated for incoming president, Arron for Vice president, Matt for treasurer, and Evan for secretary.


a.            Please remember to sign the sign in sheet if you have not done so and pay Christine.


a.         Motion to adjourn by   Christine, seconded by Bill. 

b.         Meeting adjourned at 7 pm.


ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary,
Apr 11, 2017, 2:18 PM