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2016 03 08

posted Sep 13, 2016, 7:09 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary

ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter 102

General Meeting Agenda

8 March, 2016


5:30 - 6:00       Cocktails

6:00 - 7:00       Meeting / Meal

7:15                 Presentation


1.       Call to order/ Introductions

a.      Call the general meeting to order.

b.      Introductions:

-          Name

-          Company

-          ASHRAE position  

            2.         The minutes from last meeting have been made available on our website for you                          to review, any questions/corrections can be sent to Arron Andrusiak.

 3.       Reports

a.    Programs – Ian Slinger

                                                                  i.    April:          Ian Slinger – Hydronic water quality

                                                                 ii.    May:          Dennis Knight will present on personal integrated management systems

b.    Treasurer – Christine Rogers

                                                                  i.    Please sign in and see Christine if you are not on a meal plan.

c.    History – Jonathan Bushman

                                                                  i.    March 25th 1966 the ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter was founded

                                                                 ii.    This month is ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter’s 50th anniversary

                                                                iii.    History binder is on display 


d.    Research Promotion  Michael Nemeth 

                                                                  i.    Donations to date are just over $2,000.00, thank you to everyone who has donated

e.    Membership Promotion  Mohammad Afshin

                                                                  i.    Today’s meeting is the Membership Promotion night

                                                                 ii.    Welcome to all non-members and thank you for coming to see what ASHRAE is all about

f.     Student Activities –Greg Scrivener

                                                                  i.    No report

g.    .     CTTC  Pierre Andre-Ranger

                                                                  i.    Free ASHRAE webinar is happening in April on making Net Zero building Net Positive

h.    Refrigeration - Greg Scrivener

                                                                  i.    No report

i.      Awards – Jonathan Bushman

                                                                  i.    No report

j.      Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA)  - Bradie Preiss

                                                                  i.    No report

k.    CRC – Ryan McGillivray

                                                                  i.    ASHRAE Saskatoon hosted the last Region 2 CRC and the Region 11 CRC in 2004

                                                                 ii.    ASHRAE Saskatoon made a special arrangement with the Seattle Chapter to have the CRC in Saskatoon on the same year as ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapters 50th anniversary

                                                                iii.    CRC information can be found on the ASHRAE Saskatoon website

                                                               iv.    The registration page is now up and working

                                                                v.    Technical sessions will be held Thursday May 12th featuring:

1.    Incoming ASHRAE President Tim Wentz talking on The Interface Between Risk and Ethics

2.    ASHRAE Vice President Chuck Gulledge talking on Integrated Building Design

3.    ASHRAE Director at Large Dennis Knight talking on Building Information Modeling

                                                               vi.    Wind-up party will be a River Cruise on Saturday May 14th

                                                              vii.    If you can volunteer please let Ryan know

                                                             viii.    Contact Ryan if you are interested in being a sponsor for the CRC

4.       Old business


5.       New business

a.  ASHRAE Saskatoon Golf Tournament will be on June 10th at the Moon Lake Golf course


a.         Please remember to sign the sign in sheet if you have not done so and       pay Christine.


a.         Motion to adjourn by Christine Rogers, seconded by Pierre Andre-Ranger. 

b.         Meeting adjourned at  6:50 pm.

ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary,
Sep 13, 2016, 7:09 AM