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2015 10 13

posted Oct 28, 2015, 11:37 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary   [ updated Oct 28, 2015, 11:42 AM ]

1.       Call to order/ Introductions

a.       Call the general meeting to order.

b.      Introductions:

-          Name

-          Company

-          ASHRAE position 


2.       The minutes from last meeting have been made available on our website for you to review, any questions/corrections can be sent to Arron Andrusiak or myself.


3.       Reports (*as needed)

a.       Programs – Ian Slinger

i.            October:        Glen Greer – The importance of humidification and the benefits of humidifying with evaporative media

ii.          November:   Tour of the Saskatoon Waste water treatment plant

iii.        December:    Past Presidents Night – Christmas Social

iv.        January:

v.         February:

vi.        March:

vii.      April:

viii.     May:

b.      Treasurer – Christine Rogers


c.       History – Jonathan Bushman

i.         2015-2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Saskatoon ASHRAE chapter

ii.       The ASHRAE history binder has been uploaded to the ASHRAE Saskatoon website


d.      Research PromotionMichael Nemeth 

i.         Donors meals will be free for this meeting

ii.       ASHRAE Research raised $2,536,195.00 last year, which is the highest amount to date, $9,188.00 of which was raised in Saskatoon

iii.      ASHRAE Research funds are used to maintain the ASHRAE standards, fund research on energy efficiency and to award grants to students.



e.      Membership PromotionMohammad Afshin

i.         Starting roaster for sponsorship


f.        Student Activities –Greg Scrivener

i.         Tour and lecture are booked at the Park Town Hotel

ii.       Looking for a volunteer ASHRAE member to help with the tour

iii.      Three scholarship applications have been received


g.       CTTC Pierre Andre-Ranger


h.      Refrigeration - Greg Scrivener


i.         Awards – Jonathan Bushman

i.         2015 John Ross Curling Tournament Trophy – Congrats to the Saskatoon Team!


j.        Webpage/ Newsletter - Michael Nemeth

i.         ASHRAE Saskatoon have added links to website for the ASHRAE Saskatoon Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts


k.       Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA)  - Bradie Preiss

i.         YEA bowling night was a success, both students and board members attended the event


l.         CRC – Ryan McGillivray

i.         ASHRAE Saskatoon is hosting the 2016 Region XI Chapter’s Regional Conference (CRC), May12-14th, 2016, in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of our chapter. This will be held at the Sheraton Hotel, here in Saskatoon.

ii.       During this conference, we will have representatives from the chapters of our region, which includes Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton (Northern Alberta Chapter), Calgary (Southern Alberta Chapter), Vancouver (BC Chapter), Victoria (Vancouver Island Chapter), Alaska, Seattle (Puget Sound Chapter), Spokane (Inland Empire Chapter), Tri-Cities (Mid-Columbia Chapter), and Oregon.

iii.      As special guests, we will have ASHRAE Society President-Elect Tim Wentz, PE, HBDP from Nebraska, and Vice-President Charles (Chuck) Gulledge III, PE, HBDP, LEED AP from North Carolina, as well as additional representatives from ASHRAE Staff in Atlanta.

iv.     The conference will include technical sessions (open to the public) including presentations from the above special guests, as well as the nominating session of the future leaders of ASHRAE, business session (making motions to direct society), awards banquet, employer recognition events, networking opportunities, and a President’s Luncheon to see the incoming ASHRAE president speak on the direction of society for the upcoming year. We are also planning a wind-up party on the Prairie Lily River cruise – I hope you can come!

v.       With all of this going on, I am asking for your help to make this event successful. We are looking for volunteers to help run the conference, and this can be either a short term or longer term time commitment, whatever you are able to offer would be appreciated. Some options are a few hours a week from now until the conference, or for a few hours during the conference. A list of the positions we may need include: Secretary, Attendance Chair, Hospitality Chair, Finance Committee, Reception and Registration Chair, Publicity Chair, Sponsorship Chair, Webmaster, Companion events / Tours, Decorations, Entertainment / Welcome Party, Technical Session, Trade Show, Transportation, Volunteer coordinator, or an other position you can think of, or wanting to do…

vi.     Anther option for supporting the conference is ‘gifts in kind’, including merchandise for the registrants, prizes for raffles, audio-visual equipment for the meetings, or printing services. We are also looking for corporate sponsorship in order to reduce the cost to the chapter and the registrants. Any support you are able to offer would be greatly appreciated. Corporate sponsorship will be recognized throughout the year.

vii.    With everyone’s involvement, I am hoping we can have a fun and successful CRC, and celebrate ASHRAE Saskatoon’s 50th anniversary.



4.       Old business

No old business


5.       New business


Still looking for volunteer positions for the CRC:

-          Secretary

-          Attendance Chair

-          Hospitality Chair

-          Finance Committee

-          Reception and Registration Chair

-          Publicity Chair

-          Sponsorship Chair (Bill willing to help also)

-          Webmaster

-          Technology

-          Companion events / Tours

-          Decorations

-          Entertainment / Welcome Party

-          Technical Session

-          Trade Show (if we are doing)

-          Golf (if we are doing)

-          Transportation

-          Volunteer coordinator

-          Any other position you can think of, or wanting to do…




a.       Please remember to sign the sign in sheet if you have not done so and pay Christine.

b.      Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next month’s meeting, on November 10th.

c.       November 12th and 13th the Build Sask Green Conference will be held in Moose Jaw, the conference includes LEED workshops, trade show and technical presentations

d.      Cold climates building design guide has been published and is available on the ASHRAE book store

e.      Looking for ASHRAE members to join MCA curling night on Mondays



f.         Motion to adjourn by Christine Rogers, seconded by Greg Scrivener. Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.


ASHRAE Saskatoon Secretary,
Oct 28, 2015, 11:37 AM