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Welcome to the ASHRAE Saskatoon History Page

posted Jul 29, 2010, 7:14 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon President

                When you think of history, what do you think of?  Do you think of lists of names, places, and dates?  Do you think of stories?  Do you think of history as being the background of where we came from and a place to gain insight into where we are going?  I hope to provide some answers for each of these views about the history of our Saskatoon chapter of ASHRAE.  Here are some of the things I hope to put on the history page.

1.       Summary of the History of the ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter

2.       List of ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter Presidents (may be modified to include chapter officers later)

3.       Spreadsheet of Meetings and Speakers

4.       Random Stories Collection

5.       Significant Events


So far, I only have the list of presidents and a few ideas for stories (e.g. the head shaving as an ASHRAE Research Promotion fundraising idea a few years back).  If you have ideas of what you want to see here for ASHRAE Saskatoon history, then please send me or Jack Scott (our lead historian) an email.  Hopefully, I can put lots of good history tidbits on this page and get it organized too.  Thanks for reading.


Jonathan Bushman
(2010-2011 ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter President (and part of our History Committee)