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ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter History

posted Jun 30, 2011, 11:15 AM by ASHRAE Saskatoon President

ASHRAE Saskatoon Chapter History

Life Member - John Daniels (Daniels Engineering)

(This history article originally appeared in the February 4, 2008 issue of the ASHRAE Saskatoon chapter’s newsletter POWUr News and was written by Jack Scott, Saskatoon Chapter Historian.)


John was born and raised in Clavet, Saskatchewan and his elementary school years were spent in a one room schoolhouse in Clavet.

John got his high school education at Tech in Saskatoon and upon graduation from high school, John went straight into Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan here in Saskatoon, graduating in 1956. He and Donna were married during his third year in university and they have two sons Bob and Dan.

John’s first job after university was working for the Patent Office in Ottawa.  John realized after a short summer in Ottawa, amongst the beaurocratic multitude, that this job of patenting agricultural equipment he had seen used for the previous ten years on the farm was not for him.

Upon his move back to Saskatoon in the fall of 1956 he got into the consulting field with Douglas, Michelenko, Dupuis.  When Dupuis left the firm in 1962, John and Glen Pearson became partners creating the firm of Douglas, Michelenko, Pearson, Daniels.

In 1970 when Michelenko left the firm the name was again changed to Douglas, Pearson, Daniels, Fossey.

In 1972/73 they were approached to partner with Montreal Engineering hence the firm name of Saskmont Engineering.

John decided that more hands on design would be more to his liking than the administrative work he was doing and parted ways with Saskmont to become Daniels Engineering in 1980.

During his career some of John’s more memorable projects were the Sturdy Stone Centre because of the uniqueness of the building at the time, University Hospital, and the Engineering Building on campus because of the more intricate technical aspects of those jobs.

John retired in 1998 and now spends time with his family and grandchildren.  He spends time at Turtle Lake in the summer and looks after some pastureland he purchased (almost by accident) in the vicinity of their cabin.  John decided a few years back that his hockey career had run its course.  He intends to play golf forever, or until he figures it out, whichever comes first.

John has contributed much to the comfort of Saskatonians with his knowledge and fair practice of Mechanical Design during his long and varied career, and we wish him well in the many years of his retirement yet to come.